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Hello hero! I'm afraid you caught me at a bad time. You see, I normally would have had an epic quest prepared but at this point I'm doing it all improv style. Just head into that cave ahead of you and fight your way to the end. There is gold on the other side of the mountain I promise.

Unplanned Adventure is a submission for GitHub GameOff 2017.

The theme is throwback, and my throwback is to the era of NES and Game Boy RPGs. You'll easily be able to see the heavy handed nod to games like Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy 1 (NES) in the art style and simplistic nature of it.

The game does lack things such as animations and audio, but I think it does a nice job nonetheless.

Ultimately this project serves as a prototype for myself and others (once I clean up the code comments) as my first game built in Godot (2.x). The project ended up being more of a framework to build an RPG with and is hopefully extensible enough that others could easily include newer/better features.

Here is what some people are saying about this game

"The best maps™."- travm, creator of Max


Gameplay is your standard WASD/Arrows/Left Controller stick for movement 

Enter/Space/Controller(PS X, XBox A, Nintendo B (if you use a Nintendo controller, kudos)) for accepting dialogue and menu options.

Mash the button to get through prompts faster...that totally helps.


For everything to edit/build your own copy, it's all on GitHub freely available under the MIT license. This includes everything I used to build it, hopefully by the time you read this I'll have taken the time to clean up some code organization and include comments.


PlatformsWindows, macOS
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GenreRole Playing
Made withGodot


unplanned-adventure-win.zip 6 MB
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Install instructions

Download package for your operating system, unzip, double click.